Frames & Sunglasses

We carry a large selection of high-quality international brand optical frames and sunglass styles. All of our brands feature unique designs with excellent warranties. We are constantly updating our collections to remain very current and in order to accommodate our patient’s diverse needs and preferences.

Not Looking for a designer brand? We also carry a large selection of highly- affordable frame and lens packages for excellent value. Most of these can be delivered quickly utilizing our on-site optical lab.

7 Reasons Why We Should Provide You With Your Eyeglasses

1. Quality

Unlike items that people purchase often during the year, it can be difficult for you to judge quality in a pair of glasses. We use the finest frames and lenses available so that your glasses will be precise, dependable and attractive long after your purchase.

2. Value

Good value in eyewear is receiving quality glasses at a fair price. Our fees reflect quality workmanship with brand name materials, yet are often lower than “one hour” stores. As independent practitioners, we carry a much wider selection of superior internationally renowned lenses not available at chains, such as Zeiss, Varilux, Shamir and Nikon. We offer a price match guarantee for complete frame and lens purchases for comparable products.

3. Expert Staff

Our competent and caring staff of trained professionals give you personalized care to suit your need from frame selections to lens options. We will do all we can to make sure you’re happy with your glasses. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.

4. Selection

We offer a large selection of frames to choose from, including top designer brands as well as highly affordable budget selection packages. Our experienced staff will help you select the frame shape, size, material and color that matches you prescription and looks best on you.

5. Lens Options

There are many advanced new lens designs and lens treatments which can enhance your visual comfort and make the glasses lighter, thinner, glare-free and more durable. We’ll demonstrate and explain all the latest developments that would be appropriate for your needs.

6. Warranty

We guarantee all workmanship for one year and take the worry out of wearing glasses. If you choose to purchase your eyewear elsewhere, feel free to bring them in and we will verify that they meet our prescription standards.

7. Convenience

One-stop-shopping to facilitate a seamless transition from your exam to having your prescription filled accurately. To accommodate your busy schedule, we are open 6 days a week and have an on-site optical lab to expedite your order.

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